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Here's some of the more Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q     What does it cost me if I have a party?
    A     There is no charge.  The only expense you would have is for refreshments for your friends or do a potluck type party
  • Q    What do I get if I host a party?
     A free one hour photo set
  • Q    What are the prices of the photo sets?
    30 minute sets are $50 - 60 minute sets are $100 (plus Idaho sales tax)
  • Q    How many people need to attend for me to get my free set?
    Book 3 hours of photography and get a free set. This can be in any combination.
     [6 friends at 30 minutes each....[one friend at one hour four at 30 minutes]....[two friends at one hour each and two at 30 mins each]...you get the idea
  • Q    What if I don't want to do naughty pictures?
    Naughty, nice or somewhere in-between ...totally up to you what kind of pictures you want to do.
  • Q    Do you have wardrobe available and props?
    Some wardrobe items are available and a few props.  Plan on bringing your favorite things to wear as well.  There are biker and bomber jackets too.  We also have several different colors of lace, sheer fabrics and Gold Lamé as wraps.
  • Q    How long does it take for myself and my party guests to get the pictures?
    Your pictures are available on CD the night of the party.  These are high resolution images suitable for printing or other uses.  **Please note these are unretouched images - editing and printing services are available
  • Q     What if I want to order prints of my pictures?  Do you offer that?  And touchups?
    All these things are available.  See the prices page
  • Q    Do you have backdrops?  Professional lighting?
       Yes and yes.  I bring a complete portable portrait studio to the parties.  I use a 3 light system with two main lights and a backlight.  I also have several backdrops I bring along with me.  The backlight also serves another purpose as it has colored gels that can be used to change the color of the background or for special effects.
  • Q    What's the catch? Why so cheap?  Your prices are much better than Headshots and the other studios....
    No catch.  I believe good quality photography should be affordable.  The other studios charge that
    much because people will pay it.  I don't believe in gouging people.  Once you have been to or hosted a party you will tell your friends.  That means more business for me and good photography for them.  Everyone wins!
  • Q    My question is not here...what do I do now?
    Please visit the contact page and get a hold of me.  I will be happy to answer any other questions.





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